​​Our Story

For over 20 combined years, the founders watched their parents struggle to provide in-home care for their Grandmothers.  They suffered from Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other illnesses.  Their parents did the best they could but had to hire home care companies to help fill the gaps when other family responsibilities came up.

​​Sadly these caregiving companies provided very poor service. The care was substandard. In fact, several times there was no care delivered at all because the caregivers never showed up.

Their parents also had to deal with theft issues, neglect . . . in all, it was a terrible home health care struggle. 

The bottom line was: these companies took no pride in what they offered; they had no structure and standards and their grandmothers and parents suffered because of this. 

After watching their families struggle, they knew there had to be a better way.  That is why the founders began ELDirect on January 1, 1996 that their clients would never live through the horrible experiences their families did. 

Their core values are built on providing great in home health care so you and your family can remove the stress.

Our Authority and Expertise

Over the last 2+ decades of passionately improving ELDirect's services and systems, Mr. Davis has become a noted expert, coach, speaker, and author in the home health care field. 

As a noted author and expert in the home health care field, one of Mr. Davis' books, 57 Points To Caregiver Quality, details ELDirect's proprietary caregiver hiring system. 

This system is the only in home care hiring system in the United States recognized by Lloyd's of London for the quality caregivers it helps ELDirect hire.  

Mr. Davis now coaches other home health care agency owners and staff how to properly attract, hire and retain top

Our Story and Expertise