“We went through three other agencies before you and so we know what we’re talking about.  The other agencies were rude, people wouldn’t show up and no one would call.  They were unprofessional and not very caring.  I think you guys are wonderful, and the bank’s trust officer does too.” Lora Garner, Rogers, AR for care of Doris Muellar

“I LOVE ELDirect.  You all have been so good.  I never worry about anything because you always do exactly what you say you’re going to do.   …and my kids do too.  They know they can call you any time and you will do whatever is needed.  They have a lot of confidence in you and I do too.”  Genevieve Wyman, Springdale, AR

“I’m impressed with your follow-up. I really appreciate it.  I don’t feel left all alone like I have with other companies.  It’s important and I appreciate it.”  Joan Thomas for care of Janice Phillips

“I am 47 years old. Since I started using the services of ELDirect Care, my life is better.  I love my Care Assistant, Heather.  She is helping me to live a better life and have more independence.
The staff at ELDirect Care are doing everything they can to help me in every way possible.  For instance, they got me shower bars for safety and are helping me get a ramp.  And Heather has become a good friend.  I can depend on her.
When I became ill from my disease, I lost myself.  I’ve never had anyone work with me as much as Heather and others from ELDirect care.  That in return is helping me find myself again.”  Tawny “Leanne” Ryan, Lincoln, AR

“I LOVE ELDirect!  I don’t know what I would do without you.” Deborah Kuykendall

“We have been very pleased with the care my husband has received from your group.  Rhonda is such a lovely, caring and knowledgeable person we would recommend her to anyone and hope she will help my husband on his return from recent hospitalization, probably in 2 ½ weeks.” Sincerely The Gillettes, Bella Vista, AR

“I really appreciate all of you.  You do such a fine job.” Hazel McMullen

When we needed help taking care of my mother I chose ELDirect because I knew you, and I had read an article about your company in the newspaper.  The experience has been both pleasant and professional.  The care assistants that came to the house were all very capable.  They went the extra mile to provide a personal touch and develop a relationship with the client. I'm really glad I chose you to help me with this.  Earl Farrell, Fayetteville, AR

“You guys get a 10+. You’ve done everything to try to help me and make me happy.  You always call and check on me.  You’re great.” Freda Moore, Lincoln, AR

“I would give ELDirect the highest rating I could.  You all are very thoughtful.  You always call to find out how I’m doing, and that means a lot.  I really like getting the original invoices.  I never got that before.  This way I know that nothing is added after I’ve signed it.”  Loretta Pennell, Fayetteville, AR

“I couldn’t ask for better care under any circumstances.  Everybody (at ELDirect) does all they can.”  Gordon Tiner

"I would like to take this opportunity to once again express my gratitude for the wonderful care that was provided to Mae Caspari.  I am confident that Mae received the best care possible and this was a direct result of your efforts and those of the Care Assistants.  While each Care Assistant had their own personality it was clear from their actions that they all shared the same passion.  The passion for providing the most sincere and professional care.  Please share my sincere appreciation with the ELDirect family and specifically the Care Assistants I have had the pleasure and honor of working with." Mike Sims, Fayetteville, AR

“Shortly after my father in-law retired he started getting very weak. His weakness finally got so bad he was admitted to the rehab hospital. All was going well, I thought, until I received a call from the rehab hospital. This was the call that turned everything upside down. They stated he was going to be discharged the NEXT day.

I live in California. I had no way of getting there to help. I didn’t know what to do.

I called three other companies but they simply didn’t sound like they cared. I finally called ELDirect and got the “feeling” I was looking for.”
“ELDirect was a LIFE SAVER from the very first call. Not only did they get caring, loving aides to provide care, they got my father in law connected with the resources he needed. PLUS they made arrangements with all of the other services he needed. I was dumb-founded. They thought of things he needed that I had no clue about. I can’t believe all the help and love that was shown and given. ELDirect helped us honor his wishes of staying home til the end.” Gina Fisher, Morgan Hill, CA

“ELDirect In-Home Elderly Care (of Fort Smith, Arkansas) has provided the most professional and top notch warm and caring caregiver services for both my mother and my father. I cannot emphasize enough how happy i have been with the services they have given.
They went above and beyond with everything they did – from cooking home cooked meals from scratch for my parents, cleaning, socializing with my parents, making everyday things fun and adventurous for them, talking with them and providing them with active and caring companionship for them, through thick and thin.

They even accompanied my dad on an air ambulance plane ride when he was brought to another state to live with me so my dad would feel comfortable having a familiar face along with him for the ride! And they voluntarily also even took pictures of my dad on the plane ride so he could look at them anytime and enjoy the ride all over again!

Not only were they always very alert with any changes and needs require
d for my parents, but they always took the initiative and went the extra mile and followed through with everything to make sure all my parents needs were met. They communicated many ideas and suggestions to my family that were a huge help. Their skill and knowledge with caregiving services was impressive!
They also provided wonderful support for me and my family during the hard times. I felt very comfortable having ELDirect care for my parents even though I lived in another state. They always maintained open communication so I always knew what was going on, even though I lived 700 miles away!

I could not have asked for more from the office staff. They were available 24/7 and were always very courteous and very prompt with responding to all my requests. They also went above and beyond with providing whatever came up that was needed to care for my parents.

ELDirect surpassed my expectations and I truly feel they will do the same for anyone using their services. I highly recommend them!” Ann Studnicka, Mokena, IL

“All of you helped us fulfill her wish to come home.  I cannot say enough good about Eddie or Pam.  We were blessed by you all.  God bless.” Roger and Lonna Ledden

“Thank you for sending Kathy to help me.  She is great.  Thanks for all the things you have done for me.  I really appreciate you all.”  Murl Winston, Fayetteville, AR

“Thank you for all the ways in which you have shown concern for my husband and me during this year.  The help you have provided has made such a difference for good in our lives during these past months.  Shirley’s care has been outstanding and we may need to call on her more in the coming year.”  Nell and Jack Tuck, Fayetteville, AR

“Thank you all so much for taking such good care of my mom.  It is very much appreciated.  Both Doris and Dorothy are to be commended.”  Kim Gregg, Jeffersonton, VA

“Keep up the good work.”  Kelly Parkinson, Bella Vista, AR

“..GP (care assistant) does a great job.  She has become like a part of the family..”  Dorothy Sulmon

“Thanks to you all and the entire ELDirect staff for the professional and caring way you take care of Aunt Jo.”  Sue


“Thank you for all you do!!” Ann 

“Everything is great.  We’re very pleased…” Thank You, Marvin Silmon

We thank you for all your diligent efforts for “Jarri” Geraldine Powell. 

I wish there were more people in the health care profession like you.  For I bet we would see some amazing results.  You do make a difference.”  The McWilliams Family.

“Forgive my penmanship, please.  I was very surprised to finally meet you, the person who works beyond the call of your profession to look after me in my hour of need.

I would say, without any doubt, that you saved my life by your telephoning every day.  In this day, where everyone looks after themselves, you went way beyond your calling to look after me.  I can’t express in words alone how much I looked forward to your calls.
I’m sorry I never met your husband, who I know, was as helpful as you have been.”  Thanks – Rolland Baca, Fort Smith, AR

“The careteam you have working with Mrs Egle appears to be going great. There is use of the interagency communication tablet and the calander in the home and they appear to be getting along really well. She is a self-starter in doing things and Mrs Egle appreciates not having to "ask" her to do things; needs are simply recognized and completed. She is still getting used to having the extra "help" around. They appear to have a good time together as well. Nice pairing this time!” FYI, Kevin Culwell

“Thanks for your help! Huge Kudos to Shannon for all of her help. She has been an absolute blessing through this very difficult time with my mom being in the hospital 3-weeks. We so appreciate her!”  Scott Winter, Fort Smith, AR

“I really want to thank you for all you do.  It puts my mind at ease to know good people are caring for my parents.”  Thanks, Ann Heanack

What Our Clients Say